About Us


From the starting in 2011 to being recognised as the best road marking Company in India, our journey has been nice and successful. Maclane Industries Pvt. Ltd. today is the foremost Manufacturer, Applicator and Exporter of thermoplastic road marking materials in India.We have established our branches all over india and are in the process of establishing our subsidaries in other countries also.We started manufacturing thermoplastic materials in 2011 with a production capacity of about 10 tonnes per day, which gradually increased as demand grew. We pro-actively planned for further growth. Now we have fully automated plant where we are producing 50 tonnes per day which utilises 70% of our installed production capacity. With no bottle - neck constraints we can immediately increase our production to 100 MT per day if require. We have laid the foundations to be able to increase our production even further in a short period of time, in anticipation of further growth. Today we manufacture about 15000 MT of Thermoplastic per annum.At Maclane Industries Pvt. Ltd., international and domestic operations are progressing in line.Maclane Industries Pvt. Ltd. is highly committed to quality and it is evidenced by the fact that it has been certified as an ISO 9001:2015 for all areas of operation.A sample from each batch of material produced is tested in our fully equipped laboratory to ensure the desired specifications.We fully appreciate that every country or region has its own distinct climatic conditions which may effect the satisfactory performance of road marking materials. Maclane’s considerable technical expertise together with a flexible production facility enable it to offer materials that perform well in all climatic conditions. We also deal in a wide range of Road Marking Machineries, for further information visit our company's product section in website.

Research & Development and Quality Standards

Our presence in the Industry for past many years has helped us to develop our brand on technical front. In the manufacturing of our products we follow the major quality standards of the world including MORTH 803.4, BS-3262, BS EN1871 and AASHTO M249.

As mentioned above, we have the ISO 9001 : 2015 certification. Products manufactured by our company meet the quality standards of BIS. We believe that consistency of quality products can only be achieved by process orientation. In India the Indian Roads Congress (IRC) and the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways(MORTH) have laid down the standards for Road Marking, we also manufacture our product as per major International Standards like BS (British Standards), AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials), BS EN (British Standards – European Union), and export it to International markets. We at MACLANE follow the best international practices & standards for Road Marking. We capitalize on our experienced management team and our dedicated workforce.

Market Served


Clearly visible pavement markings and retro reflectivity play a very important role in reducing traffic accidents and improving road safety. Mne Industries has worked closely with various govemments towards achieving highest level of road safety.

Overseas Exports

We are fully equipped to cater to export enquiries as well for the International standards such as AASHTO, BS EN, BS, SLS, AS etc to the different parts of the globe.

Military & Airport

Airports and military areas are one of the most sensitive areas and require highly visible, clear, easy to understand markings that can be read and seen by pilots, ground crews, maintenance and traffic management personnel at any time of day or night. Maclane Industries is proud to have served the airports and military with its high quality road marking paints.


All commercial complexes with intemal roads need to strictly comply with international traffic markings and road safety signage standards. Maclane Industries has long term associations with various retail and corporate developers.

Engineers & Architects

Surface and marking materials by Maclane Industries are used to maximize pedestrian, cyclist and driver safety while providing for a comfortable atmosphere. Maclane Industries is a perfect choice for engineers and architects for an overall superior design aesthetics.


Maclane provides high quality easily-applicable pavement marking products to contractors and sub­contractors for regional or state government projects, private property work or commercial contract applications.